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While the role of healthy, clean water is becoming more and more important today, around 750 million people worldwide live without safe water and 2.5 billion have no sanitation. 

We do believe that with our professional experience and committed attitude, these alarming numbers can be reduced. With the production and distribution of regenerable adsorbent materials, we remove arsenic, fluorine, boron, iodine, iron, manganese, ammonia and sodium from drinking water. As a bulk filter material, this solution is excellent for water utilities and water technology companies.

We respect our waters and know the markets, and we know that a significant part of developing countries live in small settlements where the daily water supply is heavily polluted.

For them, our adsorbent materials can provide the solution by an arsenic removal public well which is an integrated technology applied at the end of existing water networks. In addition, the application of several adsorbents in complex water treatment plants, we offer for small communities (with a capacity of 6-10 m3 / day) a solution to access healthy water or to provide drinking and irrigation water based on local needs. 

Within the framework of our metal technology business, we deal with the production of surface-welded multilayer metal raw materials and reactor technology control rods of any size, as well as the development, design and construction of target machines, prototypes, special materials and components. Read more

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