about us


Arsenic is one of the most common pollutants in groundwater and aquifers, one of the most harmful pollutants to human health.
It affects more than 1 million people in Hungary and the Carpathian Basin, it makes the supply of healthy drinking water miserable and impossible for almost 200 million people worldwide.

Our company built a factory in Jászfényszaru primarily for the production of arsenic, secondarily boron, iodine and fluorine removal cerium based adsorbents.
With our production capacity, we can ensure the total adsorbent demand for the purification of 100 thousand households water need and the drinking water of nearly 10 million people annually.

Our activities

  • manufacture and sale of PURAWELL filter tanks, small appliances for the removal of arsenic from contaminated tap water at endpoints
  • development and sale of a compact pallet size water treatment system 
  • development and production of bimetals, multicomponent metal materials and special metal bonds based on HERF (High Energy Rate Forming) technologies
  • R+D activities with an environmental focus in both the water and metal industries