Three more PurAID® units in Ghana


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Rehabilitation of the first section (Tema – Akosombo) of the Eastern Corridor Road from Tema to the Greater Accra Region (Kulungugu) over a length of 63.6 km.
The “Rehabilitation of the Eastern Corridor Road” is one of the most important projects undertaken by the Ministry of Roads and Highways of Ghana. It is of central importance for the transport and economic development in the east of the West African state on the Gulf of Guinea. The 700-kilometre road is a fundamental north-south axis from the border with landlocked Burkina Faso to Tema, the country’s central port city.
The German construction company INZAG, headquartered in Wiesbaden, has been awarded the contract. The development of the first 64 kilometres from the port town of Tema to Akosombo is highly complex. Through the city, the road will be widened from two to six lanes. This will be followed by a section with a four-lane expansion. Even further north, the road will have two lanes. Included in the project are roundabouts, flyovers and river crossings, as well as numerous pedestrian bridges.

Due to the size and complexity of the investment, a complete village has been built for the project participants for the duration of the project. In the campsite, 3 pieces of PurAID® equipment have been installed to provide healthy drinking water for the workers.

In December 2022 the mobile water treatment units have been successfully implemented, and with the adsorbent material filter inside, the system provides 30m3 clean water on a daily basis.

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