PurAID® project in Ghana


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Our first project in Ghana, the trial operation of our PurAID® modular, mobile, pallet-based water purification equipment installed in the settlement of Akim Wenchi, has been successfully completed. With the help of PurAID®, iron and manganese impurities, as well as disease-causing bacteria, are removed from the water of the public wells of the town of 12,000 inhabitants.


In our drinking water supply equipment, which operates with a capacity of 10 m3 per day and complies with WHO regulations, the pollutants are removed by our own manufactured adsorbents and filter materials, their operation does not require the use of harmful chemicals, so the environmentally harmless backwash water can also be drained into the rainwater ditch/sewer.


The key element of the machine's operation is the developed monitoring system, which ensures problem-free operation of the equipment even at a distance. If the system detects an error endangering the safety of drinking water, it will automatically stop until the maintenance work is completed. Our first test plant in Africa took place in cooperation with the organization responsible for rural water supply in Ghana, the Community Water Sanitation Agency (CWSA), and the operation is also carried out with the active participation of local colleagues. After the successful trial operation, the device, working with a capacity of 10,000 liters/day, provides 12,000 local residents with healthy, clean, high-quality drinking water instead of the previous water with a metallic smell and cloudy color.