PurAID® as temporary solution to provide drinking water


  • Subtitle Water treatment systems in temporary rental contract


In the municipality of Hajdúbagos, the reconstruction of the waterworks was carried out as part of a programme to improve drinking water quality in Hungary. During the reconstruction, the extracted raw water was discharged into the drinking water network, which did not fulfil the expected quality requirements (due to the iron, manganese, ammonium, and arsenic content of the raw water).

During the reconstruction of the waterworks, it was also necessary to provide 3l/day of healthy drinking water to the citizens. This was achieved with two PurAID® containerised water treatment systems offered by Puraset Ltd. in a leased construction.

The equipment was installed at two locations in the municipality, where, in addition to supplying the institutions’ kitchen drinking water needs, the population could also get drinking water from taps on the side walls of the container. The solution is sustainable and economical temporary water supply type in comparison with other water distribution methods such as plastic bottled water or distribution with water tank cars.

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