Arsenic removal in Tiszagyenda


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Our latest domestic reference - adsorbent removal project in Tiszagyenda

We offer our regenerable adsorbents in unique designs for waterworks both abroad and domestically. A good example of this is our latest domestic reference, the arsenic-removal AsMet technology installed at the Tiszagyenda water plant, which was implemented in a long-term lease scheme that supports cost-effective development investment.

The water quality in the settlement had been poor for a long time, the arsenic was about ten times the limit value. Arsenic was neutralized by adding a large amount of iron oxide, but this turned the purified water into a yellowish-brown color and produced a large amount of arsenic sludge. This problem was solved with the current investment after the new, renewable adsorbent-based water purification technology was put into operation in a village with more than a thousand inhabitants. In Tiszagyenda, we installed arsenic removal (AsMet) equipment, integrated into the existing technology, which is intended to reduce the hectic and high (average 80μg/l) arsenic content of any local water-producing well.

By switching to renewable adsorbent-based drinking water purification, they were able to improve the quality and safety of drinking water in the settlement, as well as the operator's cost management, without increasing the burden on consumers.

The project was successful, already during the trial operation it was seen that the system was working perfectly, the arsenic content of the water passed through the adsorbents dropped below 2 μg/l, which is much less than the limit value. Fluctuating arsenic levels, different forms of arsenic, and capacity changes were not a problem either.
The transition to the new technology was quick and smooth, and to the complete satisfaction of the consumers, this long-standing health problem was eliminated in Tiszagyenda.

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